How did I evaluate the knife sharpeners?

  1. I used the knife sharpener on a variety of kitchen knives
  2. I used the knife sharpener to on my pocket knives
  3. I tried out the different sharpening stages
  4. I used the knife sharpener on inexpensive knives with dull blades
  5. When possible, I adjusted the sharpening angle to the correct setting for different knives
  6. I considered how quickly the knife sharpener put an edge on my knives
  7. I examined the blades after sharpening for any scratches or damage
  8. I considered how safe and sturdy the knife sharpener feels
  9. I considered how straightforward and intuitive the knife sharpener is to use
  10. I noted how easily I could store the knife sharpener

What were the most important factors for choosing a knife sharpener?

  1. Quickly puts a sharp blade on dull knives

  2. No previous sharpening experience necessary

  3. Convenient and easy to use

  4. Works on a variety of knives (western style, Asian style, sport knives, etc.)

  5. Suitable for both cheap and expensive knives

  6. Won’t damage the knife blade or blunt it over time

  7. Has multiple sharpening stages for creating a precise, polished edge

  8. Designed for safety (sturdy and no-slip grip)

  9. Portable and easy to store